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Atlantis Divers®
206 West Main Street
Vernal, Utah

We have some Draeger supplies and products to ship as needed,
So Let's Draeger !!!

Flaming Gorge Diving with a Dreager Ray

    We believe in trained/certified technical diving and gas blending - NOT reckless endangerment of yourself  and others that may end up in the post-mortem recovery of you from your irresponsible adrenaline rush needs.

    With safety in mind, This is the place to find  Nitrox Certification.
 OMS systems and accessories * NOT a problem *  and whatever else blows your techie skirt up.

We're looking for something really exciting - stay tuned!!!

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Stop in!!

Sale!!Sale!! Sale!!
Used equipment by the piece or by the bunch.
                Call for details.
Mention the Web Page for these special discounts.

   Used - Wetsuit Clearance Sale -- All Wetsuits in rental and new on SALE !!!!!
    Used - Smaller ladies' wetsuits many to choose from.   $25.00 to $175.00 each

                                     Lot's of support materials, extra tanks including 72 cu ft cylinders.

If you are interested in
we have lots of it
Commonin and Haggle

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Equipment Sales & Rental
  DUI -- OMER -- Mares -- OMS -- Princeton -- Trident -- Whites -- Sherwood -- Deep See
-- Sporasub -- Genesis -- SeaSoft  

     Buy the package or buy the piece - We've got the system for you!!

     Closeout - Used DUI - BCD's  from  $295.00  -- One left!!

     Don't want to pack the family car full of scuba stuff on the family vacation to Flaming Gorge??
                Equipment rental is an viable option!!

Weekend rates - Fri. - pm  to Mon. - am  (21/2 days) when returned clean

Full Scuba (incl 2 cylinders)  $249.00                            Snorkel package                $30.00
Nitrox cylinder w/gas               $18.00                            Scuba cylinder w/air           $16.00
Wetsuit                                    $35.00                           Cascade fill system            $295.00+
Air Refills                                 $13.00
DUI Drysuits                          $110.00                          All other Drysuits                 $70.00

NITROX compatible regulators and computers -- NO Additional Cost!!!

Call ahead to reserve your equipment for those busy weekends  435-789-3616   or   email 

We Sponsor DUI as Our Rental Drysuit Supplier

DUI Rock boots

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Sometimes, Ones innovative construction can lead to abnormal results!
This is NO exaggeration of some of the equipment brought to our service department.

Service & Repair
Professional educated/trained service
   Mares -- Sherwood -- Genesis -- OMS
    Cylinder service:  PSI certified inspection, visuals, Visual Plus system neck crack inspection
        and hydrostatic testing
    High volume air service -- Got a cascade system?  We fill them.
    Equipment inspections
    Nitrox courses, O/2 analyzing equipment!!

             For information     email                                                                                                                      

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