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Why bring a tent????  Just stop in at the Sage Motel, 54 West Main Street or call 435-789-1442 for your
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Squalo Divers



Adventuresome Diving on Atlantic Ocean Wrecks!!!

Now that's exciting!!!  Look in now

     Dive the inland sea at Bonneville Seabase.  Aquatic life (real ocean fish including sharks, puffers, argus, damsel fish, etc. etc. etc.)  galore!!
A multitude of services and equipment to rent if you need it.  Great Folks!!!!!!!!!!

My special thanks to Linda and George out at Seabase for their efforts to provide an assessable open water location with a heated lobby and hot showers.
You are a special treasure in my heart - Live long and prosper, also, keep it wet.

 Click here for a pretty decent overview of Utah Scuba Diving.

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