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Fishing: 2004 Changes to regulations will affect anglers
                    By Brett Prettyman
            Salt Lake Tribune Columnist  

                    Anyone who doubts the state's Regional Advisory Council (RAC) meetings are a way for common folk to reach the Utah Wildlife Board will be interested in last week's meeting to ratify the 2005 fishing proclamation.  Among the accepted limit changes forced by illegal introductions and the required annual date changes for tributary openings was a new regulation allowing underwater spearfishing at Lake Powell.

 Getting permission to allow spearfishing at Powell was no easy feat and the Wildlife Board deserves credit for pushing the National Park Service (NPS) to make it legal.  The topic came up at the board meeting a year ago when the designated representative from the northeastern RAC - yes, the northeastern region – announced that Uintah Basin scuba divers wanted to be able to spearfish at Powell. The board quickly learned that the NPS had jurisdiction and rarely allows the practice in its management areas.

 It could have been easy for the Wildlife Board to concede to the federal agency and leave the spearfishing enthusiasts without any chance to take striped bass, but instead they wrote a letter requesting a change.

 One year later, Lake Powell has been added to the list of places where spearfishing is legal in Utah from June 1 through Sept. 30. The other waters include: Causey, Deer Creek, Flaming Gorge, Joe's Valley, Lost Creek, Red Fleet, Steinaker, Starvation and Willard Bay reservoirs, as well as Fish and Ken's lakes.

 In addition, the Wildlife Board approved a regulation to allow spearfishing for carp and stripers throughout the year. Spearfishing for the others species in Powell is limited to the statewide season.  However, the Wildlife Board may send another letter to the folks at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Among the rules stipulated by the NPS was that spearfishing not be allowed within a quarter mile of "a structure," which includes houseboats.

 Board members talked about trying to change that rule to allow spearfishing from a houseboat owned, rented or being used by the anglers.  Look for that change to show up in the 2006 proclamation.



Please join us and be sure to participate at your region RAC meetings in order to
change the Utah spearfishing regulations.

Take care and good Spearfishing!!


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Utah State Rules & Regulations  2008
           Lake Powell info
           Spearfishing page
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           Identification  (be patient - this one is big)
           Endangered Species

Please follow the following rules and regulations to keep us all out of trouble. And remember, If there is a question of specifics -- Whatever the officer on site says is probably the law.  It is easier to argue the fact after your vacation - not during it. Thank you,  Michael

"All divers must display an approved Dive Flag while divers are in the water."

Spear fishing:

*.    A valid Utah fishing license is required for underwater spearfishing.
1.    Underwater spearfishing is permitted from official sunrise to official sunset.
2.    Use of artificial light is unlawful while underwater spearfishing.
3.      Free Shafting is prohibited while engaged in underwater spearfishing.

4.    * You can underwater spearfish for game fish June 2nd through  November 30th, 2008. at Causey, Deer Creek, Fish Lake, Flaming                                 Gorge, Jordanelle, Ken's Lake, Lake Powell, Lost Creek, Pineview  (with the exception No spearfishing for Tiger Muskie in Pineview),
            Red Fleet, Steinaker, Starvation,
Willard Bay and Yuba reservoirs. 
                                            These are the only waters open to underwater spearfishing for game fish. 

                Bag limit for spearfishers is the same as anglers.
       The underwater spearfishing bag and possession limit is the same as the bag limit applied to anglers using other techniques in the approved                    spearfishing waters.  Anglers  who spearfish could take game and nongame fish that were legal to take at the water they're fishing.  They could also take carp at any water in Utah as long as the fishing season for that water was open.  Please see the rules for specific waters section for more exceptions to these general underwater spearfishing rules.  Free shafting is prohibited while engaged in underwater spearfishing. The use of artifical light is unlawfull while engaged in underwater spearfishing.

5.    Lake Powell is open to taking carp and striped bass by means of underwater spearfishing from January 1 through
       December 31, 2008  Striped Bass - NO limit

           Lake Powell, is the ONLY body of water in Utah that is open to year-round spearfishing for stripers!

6.    Carp may be taken from any water open to angling during the open angling season.
                    General season dates - January 1st 2008 through December 31st 2008.

                    The following waters are open for underwater spearfishing of carp.

       San Juan River, Colorado River, Green River (from confluence with Colorado River upstream to Colorado
       state line in Dinosaur National Monument), Green River (from Colorado state line in Brown's Park upstream to
       Flaming Gorge Dam, including Gorge Creek (a tributary entering the Green River at Little Hole), White River (Uintah County),
       Duchesne River (from Myton SR-40 bridge) to confluence with Green River, Virgin River (main stem, North and
       East Forks), Ash Creek, Beaver Dam Wash, Fort Pierce Wash, La Verkin Creek, Santa Clara River (Pine Valley
       Reservoir downstream to the confluence with the Virgin River), Diamond Fork, Thistle Creek, Main Canyon Creek
       (tributary to Wallsburg Creek), South Fork of Provo River (below Deer Creek Dam) and Snake Valley waters (west
       and north of US-6 and that part of US-6 and US-50 in Millard and Juab counties).

         Lawfully taken nongame fish shall either be released or killed immediately upon removing them from the water,
        however, they may not be abandoned on the shoreline.  I must add, nor left abandoned on the surface of the body of water.


       *  Chumming is only allowed for taking striped bass. ONLY commercially prepared anchovies and sardines may be used for chumming.
       *  Carp and striped bass may be taken by means of underwater spearfishing January 1 through December 31, 2008. 
           No limit on striped bass via underwater spearfishing.
       *  Carp may be taken by archery equipment January 1 through December 31, 2008.
       *  Archery and spearfishing is prohibited within:
            (a)  1/4 mile of all existing developed areas, including shoreline campgrounds, docks, launch ramps, breakwaters and trail heads;
            (b)  1/4 mile of any structure,  "Structure" includes any building, shed, pump-out, boat dock, breakwater, permanent harbor fixture,
                    camper, motor home, trailer, tent, or vehicle;
            (c)  Rainbow Bridge National Monument;
            (d)  1/4 mile of Dangling Rope Marina, including any land or harbor based structures;
            (e)  100 yards (300 feet) of any boats, unless:
                      (i)   The person owns, rents, leases, or lawfully occupies the boat, or;
                      (ii)   Another boat moves into the 100 yard perimeter after the bow or spearfishing activity has commenced.
                                       *      Gamefish per day is the same as anglers limits
                                       **    Striped bass no limit
                                       ***  Carp no limit


Utah Game and Fish is encouraging the taking of Burbot (a relation to Lingcod) from Flaming Gorge


You can find RAC meeting for additional agendas here


(1) A person possessing a valid Utah fishing or combination license may take crayfish for
     personal, non-commercial purposes during the open fishing season set for the given body
     of water.
(2) Crayfish may be taken by hand or with a trap, liftnet, hand line, pole or seine, provided that:
     (a) game fish or their parts, or any substance unlawful for angling, is not used for bait.
     (b) seines shall not exceed 10 feet in length or width
     (c) no more than five lines are used
     (d) live crayfish are NOT transported from the body of water where taken

Gather all the crawfish you want, but you need a fishing license. And you have to cook or kill the crayfish before you leave the lake. We recommend boiling with lemon and dill. The kids love them with BBQ sauce.

Dive Flag:
A.  A square, red flag with a white diagonal stripe from one top corner to the opposite bottom
      corner should be used to indicate the presence of a diver below.
B.  A scuba diver shall display a diver's flag prior to diving activity and shall dive and surface in
     close proximity to the flag.
C.  No person shall place a diver's flag on the waters of this state unless diving activity is in
      progress in that area.
D.  If a diver's flag is placed after sunset or before sunrise, it shall be lighted.
E.  No person shall place a diver's flag in any area where boating activity might be unduly
F.  No scuba diver shall dive in a congested boating or fishing area such as narrow channels,
      launching or docking areas, or near reservoir outlets.
G.  The operator of any vessel shall not approach within 150 feet of a posted diver's flag, unless
      the vessel is part of the equipment in use by the divers.

Use some sense about where you dive, and when you dive. The Utah boating public is getting better but, some boat operators, jet ski operators and water skiers are unknowing of the meaning of a dive flag.  Jet skiers especially, either ignore the dive flag, use it as a slalom turn, or pick it up, because most of them have not been introduced to our State Parks officers in Uintah County (Zero tolerance is observed here). For wide ranging shallow dives, we recommend you clip a dive flag float to your BC with a length of cord (with a break-away attachment for safety) so the dive flag goes where you go.

Disclaimer:  Atlantis Divers®, it's associates and Michael Weyland DO NOT validate the accuracy of the above information. It is up to YOU to insure you are within the State of Utah's fishing and boating laws and regulations.

Thank you,


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